Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring when I enroll my student at McCrary Elementary? Please bring the following:
    • certified birth certificate
    • proof of residence (light or water bill, rent agreement)
    • immunizations
    • Parent identification
  1. What do I need to do if I live with another person in the McCrary School District? Go see Tena Lester at the Central Office with the person that you are living with and fill out an affidavit. Bring the affidavit to the school for enrollment purposes.
  1. Can I prepay lunches? Parents can pay for students’ lunches by the day, week or month. All checks need to be written to McCrary Elementary.
  1. What are McCrary’s school hours? The school opens at 7:25 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:45 a.m. Dismissal is at 2:35. All students should be picked up by 2:50.
  1. Who do I contact if I want to volunteer?  Jennifer Paige, our school social worker, is responsible for scheduling our volunteers.
  1. What do I need to do if my child needs to change their method of transportation? Parents need to send a written note with the date and signature requesting the change. Children will go home on their regular form of transportation without prior notification.
  1. What do I need to do if someone new if picking up my child? Parents need to make sure that anyone with permission to pick up their child is listed on their emergency contact card. If school officials don’t recognize the person, that person will need to show picture identification prior to signing the child out of school.
  1. What do I need to do if I need to have a conference with my child’s teacher? Please arrange a time to meet with your child’s teacher either before or after school or during their planning times.
  1. What if my child left something at home? If your child has left something at home (lunch, homework, etc.), please bring it by the office and we will make sure that your child receives it.
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