Dual Language Immersion Application Window Open
Asheboro City Schools is now accepting applications for rising Kindergarteners for the Dual Language Immersion program! For more information click here.

Secondary Instruction

Secondary Instruction
The Asheboro City Schools Secondary Education program is committed to ensuring that our 6-12 students receive a rigorous, equitable, high-quality education across all content areas. Our two middle schools and high school work together to help their graduates to develop the attributes of a 21st Century Future Ready Learner. We are proud of the many course options and non-traditional opportunities available to prepare students for success after graduation.

We believe in rigorous mathematics instruction for all students.  Our philosophy includes compacting appropriate grade level skills to elevate and enrich students' mathematics experiences with rigor throughout their middle school years.  Doing so enhances students mathematics' skills and knowledge and combats unfinished learning in mathematics.

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