New Employee Information

New Employee Information

Congratulations on your employment with Asheboro City Schools. As part of the employment process, you are scheduled to attend a New Employee Enrollment/Orientation with Human Resources in the near future. Prior to this session, please complete the following forms and bring them with you. Access each form by clicking on the appropriate link.
Special Licensure Message for new graduates, new to NC or Alternative Pathway teachers

In addition to completing the forms listed below, please bring the following items with you to the session:

Two forms of identification, e.g., social security card and driver’s license. For other acceptable items, see the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form.

NC New Hire Reporting Form – Complete the bottom section titled “Employee Information”

Employment Eligibility Form (I-9 Form) - Complete “Section 1. Employee Information and Verification.”

N. C. Tax Form (NC-4 EZ) - Complete “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” (bottom section). For the long form and tax worksheets, you may also access the NC-4.

Federal Tax Form (W-4) - Complete “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” (bottom section).

Health Examination Certificate - This form is to be completed by your physician. If you do not have it completed in time to bring it with you to the New Employee Orientation, you must return it to the Human Resources within 30 days of your effective date of employment.

Employee’s Record of State of NC Service - List only employment you have had as an employee with the state of North Carolina, ending with your new position in this school district. If you do not have any NC state service, write “none” and sign at the bottom.

Request to Transfer Balances– If you are coming to Asheboro City Schools from another NC school system, please complete the top two lines, sign and date. This form will be sent to your prior employer to request the transfer leave balances, longevity, etc.

Direct Deposit - Attach a void check or deposit slip for the account to which you wish your monthly check to be deposited.

Criminal Background Authorization and Release – required for all employees

Certifying Employee Status Under Retirement Reemployment Laws - this form is required for all employees. If you are not currently receiving a monthly retirement benefit, simply check "No", sign and date. 

Insurance – please review prior to attending the New Employee Enrollment/Orientation

Health: The State Teachers’ and Employees’ Health Plan provides coverage for hospital and medical expenses.  The Asheboro City Schools pays the base amount (70/30 Basic Plan) for individual coverage of any permanent full-time employee wishing to enroll.  Spousal and/or dependent coverage may be purchased.

For more information, visit

Dental: Asheboro City Schools pays the base amount for individual coverage of any permanent full-time employee wishing to enroll.  Spousal and/or dependent coverage may be purchased. For more information on Dental and other optional benefits visit

Vision: This is optional coverage available to employees and dependents at the employees expense.      

NC Retirement Information - View information regarding the North Carolina Retirement System. All permanent full-time employees are required to join the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (30+ hours per week).
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