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Beginning Teacher Support

It is the desire of the Asheboro City Schools community to provide novice teachers with the assistance needed to ensure their success in teaching.  In an effort to do this, Asheboro City Schools has implemented a Beginning Teacher Support Program for new teachers.

A Beginning Teacher Coordinator is available to assist a new teacher in several capacities.  All first-year teachers are provided a three-day orientation in August.  During the orientation, professional development is conducted in areas such as classroom management, time management and curriculum and instruction.  The Beginning Teacher Coordinator works directly with the Executive Director for Human Resources to provide district level support for novice teachers.  

Beginning teachers meet monthly with the Beginning Teacher Coordinator for professional development. The Beginning Teacher Coordinator also informally observes and visits new teachers on a regular basis.  However, the most important assistance that is provided to beginning teachers comes from mentors serving each beginning teacher.

The major goal of the Asheboro City Schools' mentoring program is to provide trained mentors who carry out the following tasks:

  • Facilitate the adjustment and success of novice teachers
  • Support and encourage novice teachers
  • Act as positive role models for new teachers
  • Share with novice teachers the objectives, culture, and expectations of the school and school system
  • Promote professional growth, self-confidence and success on the part of the novice teacher
  • Assist the novice teacher in developing decision-making skills
  • Assist the novice teacher in lesson planning, classroom management, discipline, time management, teaching strategies, motivation and other areas
For additional information about the Asheboro City Schools Beginning Teacher Support Program contact:
Carla Freemyer
Executive Director of Human Resources

Dr. Wendy Rich
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction
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