Physical Education

Mr Watson PE Teacher
Mr. Watson, PE Teacher

As an elementary PE teacher, I have found that the skills in a 5 year old are very diverse when compared to an 11 year old. We have divided our curriculum into two parts. The first part is geared toward the K – 2 grade levels and works in most part with motor skills until the Christmas break. Once the second semester begins, we then try to introduce more games and letting the children explore different kinds of physical education equipment. The second part is geared toward 3 – 5 grade levels and works in most part with cooperative play and skill development in several sports. These kinds of lessons are used throughout the school year for these grades. As a general statement, I want the children to both look forward to and enjoy themselves while they are here. In this process I will stress how important the rules of the game are and that sharing can make it better for all.

Please find out your child’s schedule when school starts to ensure that they get the most out of what PE offers. Keep in mind the day your child has PE and make sure they wear the appropriate shoes. Sneakers are the best for what we will be doing. If a dress is required for girls, then please have a pair of shorts on under it.

I look forward to instructing your child.

Steve Watson 

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