ACS School Opening Information
During the August meeting of the Asheboro City Board of Education, the board voted to require masks of both students and staff for the opening of the 2021-2022 school year. For more information, please visit the page below. 

Enrollment and Transfers

In order to enroll a child in Asheboro City Schools you will need the following documentation:
  • certified birth certificate for each student you plan to enroll
  • proof of address such as a lease agreement or power bill
  • photo ID for the enrolling parent 
    (you will need a copy of the court order that gives you guardianship of the student if you are not on the child's birth certificate.) 
You will need to take these documents to the school for enrollment to be completed.
Student Transfers
Applications for student transfers are available by calling the ACS Central Office. The window for applications is March 1st to June 1st each year. Applications should be completed prior to the deadline of June 1st for students who wish to attend a school other than the one they are assigned. After June 1st, please contacTena Lester at 336-625-5104.
  • Admission Application: If a student lives outside of the ACS district, but wishes to attend a school inside the ACS district. A release application must also be completed with the school district the student is assigned to (even if the student has never attended school in that district). An admission application will not be processed without a release. Tuition is $250 per family for out of district students.
  • Reassignment Application: If a student lives in the ACS district, but wishes to attend a differe school within the district. There is no tuition fee for these students.
  • Release Application: If a student lives in the ACS district, but wishes to attend a school in another district. 
The student transfer committee will review each completed application and will notify the applicant of decision no later than June 30th. Please consult Board Policy 4150 for additional information regarding student transfers.
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