Advanced Placement Program

What is Advanced Placementâ„¢ (AP)?

Asheboro High School is proud to partner with College Board to offer a number of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The Advanced Placement program offers college-level courses and exams that students can take in high school. AP offers a great opportunity for high school students to earn college credit, save money and time, gain exposure to rigorous content, and stand out when applying to college.

Why Enroll in AP?

There are many reasons why students should explore AP opportunities during their high school career. Many high school students across the country and around the world take AP courses and exams to challenge themselves, explore their interest, and earn college credit and placement. Students taking AP courses are exposed to college-level work while developing academic skills they'll need for college success. AP Exam scores can earn students college credit before even setting foot on a college campus or even allow students to skip introductory college courses. 

AP Courses Offered at AHS

CourseTeacherGrade LevelContact
AP Seminar and AP PsychologyMs. Brooke Baxter10-11[email protected]
AP Research and AP LanguageMs. Megan Carrouth11-12[email protected]
AP LiteratureMs. Jessica Westmoreland11-12[email protected]
AP LanguageMs. Megan Carrouth10-11[email protected]
AP StatisticsMs. Tammy Allen11-12[email protected]
AP Calculus AB Mr. Adam Reeder11-12[email protected]
AP Calculus BCMr. Adam Reeder11-12[email protected]
AP World HistoryMr. Josh Faircloth9-12[email protected]
AP US HistoryMs. Lynn Fisher11-12[email protected]
AP PsychologyMs. Lynn Fisher10-12[email protected]
AP BiologyMs. Misty Hildreth11-12[email protected]
AP Environmental ScienceMs. Nicole Peters11-12[email protected]
AP Chemistry  Ms. Wendy Mauney11-12[email protected]
AP SpanishMs. Veronica Aguero11-12[email protected]
AP Computer Science TBA11-12TBA

Need more information?

Please contact the Lead AP Teacher, Elizabeth Beckwith by calling (336) 625-6185 or email to [email protected].

AP Preparation

Both ACS middle schools use SpringBoard, a research-based, classroom-tested curricular program fully aligned to state standards that helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in Pre-AP, AP, and on the SAT. 

At AHS all students are placed in Pre-AP™ courses if they enroll in Biology, English 1, English II, Chorus, and Art. For the 2021-22 school year, all students who enroll in English II, Chorus, and Art will follow the Pre-AP curriculum in those courses. In Pre-AP, students are exposed to instructional practices and routines that help them develop important critical thinking skills. These skills are foundational for all individuals to be  successful in high school, college, and life.

AP Capstoneâ„¢

Asheboro High School was the first school in Randolph County to offer the AP Capstone™ program. AP Capstone is a College Board program that equips students with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges. AP Capstone comprises two AP courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—and is designed to complement and enhance the discipline-specific study in other AP courses.

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