ACS to Transition to Plan B
Asheboro City Schools will welcome back students to the classroom using a phase-in approach. ECDC students will come back to school full time on Monday, Sept. 21. Elementary students will report to school on Monday, October 5 under the Plan B hybrid model. And secondary students will report to school on Monday, October 19 under the Plan B hybrid model. For more information, please see the links below. 


Ms. Gee Music teacher 
Ms. Gee, Music Teacher
As students begin a new school year at McCrary Elementary School. They will get to experience the elements of music from around the world as they sing, dance, play games, read stories and perform on various instruments. There will be many exciting things to learn about as we enjoy using our brand new music textbooks. Students in third grade can look forward to learning about the soprano recorder. Students in fourth and fifth grades will continue to improve their recorder and music reading skills as well as have opportunities to demonstrate their love of singing. These students will also get to enjoy a performance by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra in the spring. It’s time to begin another fabulous year. 

Let’s get the music started!
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