Exceptional Children's Teachers (EC)

McCrary is fortunate to have an excellent EC Team. This team consists of Kim Walls and Sara Warren, the EC Resource Team. They work together to meet with small groups of students K-5 in the areas of reading, writing, math, and behavior. The Comprehensive Resource Classroom Team consists of Christin Robbins, Misty Frazier, and Vicki Eaton. This classroom serves students in a more in-depth setting. They work collaboratively with a variety of grade levels to meet the needs of each individual student. The Kindergarten Autism Classroom Team consists of Amanda Julian, Jennifer Lunsford, and Shannon Speedling. They work collaboratively with the Kindergarten grade level to provide additional academic, behavioral, and communication support for students on the Autism spectrum. The McCrary EC Team works collaboratively to provide support, accommodations, and services to students with IEPs. The team's goal is to work with students on meeting their short and long-term goals. 

Amanda Julian 
Christin Robbins 

Johnny Seawell
Kimberly Walls
Sara Warren
Misty Frazier EC Instructional Assistant
Jennifer Lunsford EC Instructional Assistant
Shannon Speedling EC Instructional Assistant
Vicky Eaton EC Instructional Assistant

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