ACS and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
Asheboro City Schools continues to work with local public health officials during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. We are developing our re-entry plans for the 2020-2021 school year to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We will update the following pages throughout the summer as our plans become more definitive. 
8 students line up solar powered cars to race down the sidewalk at the front walkway of NAMS,
Four girls sit outside at a round, blue picnic table and smile at the camera while other students walk in the background.
Many families stand in line in the North Commons to sign in to a parent event.
Four students work together in a group at at table in the media center to build a structure out of Popsicle sticks.
Five students and one teacher stand outside on the playground facing forward.  The students are watching the teacher write something on a small whiteboard that the viewer cannot see because the whiteboard faces away from the camera.
Two students are  sitting at a table, each reading their own book, in the media center.  There are two students in the background, also reading, and one student in the far background at another table who is also reading.
14 adults from the community who came in to speak for career day pose in from of a book shelf in the NAMS Media Center
Students engage in classroom instruction using Chromebooks.

North Asheboro Middle


NAMS Health Science Course - please respond if interested!

We are excited to share a new elective choice that will be available to NAMS students in all grade levels in the spring of 2021. NAMS will begin offering a new Health Science course, Exploring Healthcare, which was developed for middle school students.  Click here for more information- More +

NAMS Survey - Please take! There are different suveys for parents and students - Click More+ for links!

We are constantly striving to be the best we can be at NAMS. We realize we are in very odd times right now, but also know these times will soon end. It will not be long before we are all back together on our campus with an increased passion for doing whatever it takes to best serve our students and families. There is no better time to get a pulse on what is working at NAMS and what we can do better than with a new leader on the horizon.
 Nos esforzamos constantemente por ser lo mejor que podemos ser en NAMS. Nos damos cuenta de que estamos atravesando tiempos muy extraños en este momento, pero también sabemos que esto terminará pronto. No pasará mucho tiempo antes de que todos volvamos a estar juntos en nuestro campus con una mayor pasión por hacer lo que sea necesario para servir mejor a nuestros estudiantes y familias. No hay mejor momento para darnos cuenta sobre lo qué está funcionando en NAMS y qué podemos hacer para mejorar con un nuevo líder en el horizonte.
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