Title 1 Information

District Title I Summary

All five elementary schools in the Asheboro City Schools district are classified as Title 1 schools.  Title 1 is a federally funded program that provides additional resources and funds to high-poverty schools across the country.  The program began in the 1960s and was reauthorized in 2001 under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The primary goals of the Title 1 program are to:
1. Provide additional educational opportunities for eligible students
2. Provide additional funding to schools and districts serving a large population of low-income students
3. Help educators understand the needs of special student populations through professional development
4. Improve academic achievement of eligible students and reduce performance gaps

Title 1 also holds states, districts, and schools accountable for implementing measurable standards for student achievement. 

Parent Information
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Title 1 Virtual Parent Meeting Presentation Video
CWM Parent Meeting Presentation
CWM Title 1 Family Engagement Plan

School-Parent Compact Form

Students, parents/guardians, and teachers at the district's Title I schools are asked to sign a "Helping Each Child Succeed Teamwork Agreement" form.  This form promotes the policies set forth by the Asheboro City Board of Education and the North Carolina State Board of Education.  The boards believe that learning can take place best when there is a shared effort, interest, and motivation by students, parents, and staff. 

2023-2024 CWM Title I School-Parent-Student Compact.pdf

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