Accountability and Student Information

Accountability, Testing, and Student Information

The Asheboro City Schools Accountability, Testing, and Student Information department is responsible for helping district leadership, administrators, teachers, and staff across the district to interpret multiple data sources to improve student achievement and analyze/display data in meaningful ways. The department is also responsible for:
  • Managing the EVAAS system for school administrators and district user.
  • Coordinating and manages state and federal accountability programs.
  • Interpreting, analyzing, and reporting data from various sources.
  • Evaluating programs for the district.
  • Implementing the North Carolina Testing Program.
  • Training, supervising, and monitoring school staff assigned to testing programs. 
  • Providing technical assistance on test administrations.
  • Implementing the local testing program.
  • Implementing the alternative testing program.

The Asheboro City Schools Student Information Department also:   

  • Oversees and maintains the statewide student information system, PowerSchool.
  • Provides training to school based staff in the use of PowerSchool.
  • Provides training to school based teachers in the use of PowerTeacher Pro.
  • Creates and maintains the student information data warehouse.
  • Creates and publish student information based data dashboards.
  • Provides requested data to district staff as needed.
  • Provides technical support to district and school staff in the use of PowerSchool and NCEdCloud.
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