Elementary Education

Elementary Instruction
Elementary schools build the foundation for learning. The Asheboro City Schools Elementary Instructional Program is based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the North Carolina Essential Standards. Our Elementary teachers strive to provide a nurturing learning environment and an equitable, rigorous education for all students.
Asheboro City Schools supports a structured approach to literacy instruction throughout the elementary grades. Structured Literacy is explicit and systematic, and focuses on phonological awareness, word recognition, phonics, spelling, and comprehension.
Elementary mathematics in Asheboro City Schools is standards-based. The standards-based approach emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding and reasoning, and active student engagement with mathematical ideas through collaborative investigations, hands-on explorations, the use of multiple representations and discussion and writing.
Report Cards
Elementary students receive a report card at the end of each nine-week reporting period. The report card summarizes the student's progress for his or her grade in meeting the state standards. It also give information about the child's classroom behavior and work habits. Feel free to request a conference with your child's teacher to discuss progress and find ways you can support his or her learning.

Student Performance Descriptions
The levels on your K-2 child's report card demonstrate your child's progress toward meeting the standards in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • NY (Not Yet): Student is not yet showing sufficient growth in or making progress toward meeeting grade level expectations.
  • OT (On Track): Student is showing partial understanding and is progressing toward meeting grade level expectations.
  • MS ( Meets Standard): Student has demonstrated complete understanding of grade level expectations.
  • N/A Indicates standard is not assessed at this time.
Students in grades 3-5 receive letter grades based on their understanding of the standards in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The letter grades represent an average of classroom, homework, quiz and test grades. You can check your child's grades at any time by logging into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Contact your school to help you set up your login credentials.
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