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Nurse's Desk

The School Nurses Role in Student Educational Success

Provider of Student Health Services 
• Identifies students with special needs. 
• Performs limited health assessment of students. 
• Develops nursing care plans, emergency health plans, individualized health plans. 
• Provides for emergency care for illness and injury. 
• Supervises prescribed treatments and administration of medications to students and provides training for other school personnel. 
• Conducts health promotion programs for school staff. 
• Works with school staff to prevent health problems from becoming reasons for poor performance.

 Manager of Student Health Care 
• Helps to develop school health policies. 
• Makes sure that policies and procedures adhere to laws and standards of nursing practice. 
• Monitors students’ compliance with state immunization laws. 
• Monitors communicable diseases. 
• Refers students with health problems for care. 
• Serves as liaison and resource person between home, school, health care provider and community organizations. 
• Coordinates health care in school for students with chronic handicapping conditions.

 Educator / Counselor 
• Interprets student health needs to family and school staff. 
• Provides home visits. 
• Develops support groups. 
• Provides information for community resources and supports family in finding and using treatment services. 
• Works with staff development to develop workshops and in-service training for staff. 
• Provides counseling for students with health problems causing adjustment and limitations in school. 
• Provides as classroom resource on health topics.

School Nurses Support Educational Success in North Carolina

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