Grades K-12 Operating in Plan A
At this time, grades K-12 are operating in Plan A four days a week.

Hour of Code Links

Here are links to the various Hour of Code activities:

Kodable (ages 5-12)

Classic Play lab (ages 5-12)

Gumball Play Lab (ages 5-12)

Ice Age Play Lab (ages 5-12)

Dragon Dash (ages 7 and up)

Code Monkey (ages 8 and up)

Puppy Adventure (ages 5-12)

Star Wars (ages 6-12)

Frozen (ages 8-12)

Monster Coding (ages 5-12)

Minecraft (ages 8-12)

Flappy Birds- Create your own game (ages 5-12)            

Graph Paper Programming

This activity requires no computer!

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