Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books (BOB)

Battle of the Books participants read 15 books and then compete against the other elementary schools in Asheboro City Schools.  We practice weekly and spend a lot of time reading on our own.  Battle of the Books is very challenging and takes a lot of hard work, but is fun, too!  At practice we discuss the different books and conduct mock competitions.  

Here's what some members of the BOB team for McCrary have had to say about the club:

"Battle of the Books encourages kids to read!  It's a great outlet to plug your mind into!" - Jacque

"Battle of the Books was an awesome experience!" - Joshua

"Battle of the Books was fun and challenging for me!" - Lilly 

Participation Requirements for BOB, Jr.
You must:

    • be a 4th or 5th grade student
    • enjoy books and reading
    • be committed and stick with the program
    • be willing to read at least 8 of the books (minimum) from the required booklist
    • be a team player and show good sportsmanship
    • attend Battle of the Books club meetings and practice sessions
    • have transportation to and from any club meetings before or after school
    • be willing to compete against students from other elementary schools 

Click to View PDF of BOB 2023-2024 Book List

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