Student Services

Student Services

Vision Statement
School counselors in Asheboro City Schools will collaboratively and intentionally prepare all students to meet success through each transition to be developmentally, emotionally, and academically competitive for college careers, and citizenship.

Mission Statement
Through collaboration with all stakeholders school counselors educate, encourage, and advocate for all students so that they can maintain healthy relationships while growing to reach their highest potential.

Student Services Staff

Allyson Key
School Counselor
9th - 12th Grade
Last Names (A-Di)

D'Vera Tune
School Counselor
9th - 12th Grade
Last Names (Do-Ki)

Amber Walker
School Counselor
9th - 12th Grade
Last Names (Kn-Ra)

Angie Berrier
School Counselor
9th - 12th Grade
Last Names (Re-Z)

Courtney McGowan
Career Development Coordinator/CTE Support

Elizabeth Pack
Career Development Coordinator

Misty West
High School Career Coach

Nancy Almanza-Quiroz
College Adviser

Jeff Melberger
School Social Worker

Meredith Baird
School Nurse
Maricela Zepeda

Felicia Barlow
Testing Coordinator
Scarlett Boling
Data Manager

District Inerpreter/Translator

Student Appointments

Do you have an academic, career, or college question?  We are available to meet with students for an individual student planning session.   Students can send an email to receive more information to make an appointment to speak with the assigned school counselor, college adviser, career development coordinator, or high school career coach during the school year.  You can also schedule an appointment in Canvas on your Class Page, click the link for Student Services. 

  • Please do not make a student appointment if you have an immediate concern (emergency), and you need to connect with an available school counselor, school social worker, or school nurse as soon as possible during school hours.
  • There are times during the school year that there might be limited availability to make student appointments (beginning and conclusion of each semester, Blue Comet Time, high school registration process, and classroom core curriculum implementation).   Please reach out to the Student Services staff member via email communication when student appointment availability is limited.  We are committed to following up with our students to address questions and other needs.  

Parent/Guardian Appointments

Student Services Staff Appointments
A parent/guardian of a student can schedule an appointment for an office visit or telephone conference with the school counselor, college adviser, or career development coordinator by calling Asheboro High School at either (336) 625-6185 or (336)  625-6185 or through email communication during the school year.  Provide your first and last name, phone number, and email address for the staff member to contact you.   Please allow within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) to receive a response via phone or email.  

Teacher Appointments
The Student Services Staff would like to encourage the parent/guardian to first communicate with the teacher with questions or concerns related to academic progress, attendance, or other classroom-related matters.  Please call Asheboro High school at either (336) 625-6185 or (336) 625-6186 or through email communication with the teacher to schedule an appointment for an office visit or telephone conference.  Click on the following link  to access departmental listings to connect with classroom teachers via email:  

Would you like to schedule a parent/guardian conference with all of your child's classroom teachers?  Please contact your child's assigned school counselor for assistance with this process.

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