Driver's Education

Driver’s Education Sign-up Process


The North Carolina Driving School provides Driver Education to all eligible students.  State law requires that students are 14 ½ by the first day of class.

The Drivers Ed School is trying to catch up on the past students that need to get their driving part completed. They are training their new teachers for online classes and if we go plan B they will try to find a location to have the class portion. Students are not able to sign up for any classes at this time. They can contact the NC Driving School at the website or call them at 252-321-6700 with additional questions.

Classroom Instruction

Students are expected to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction.  To pass the class, students must score 70% or higher on the exit exam and they may not miss more than one class. 

Behind the Wheel Training

The behind the wheel instruction is scheduled by birthdate with the older students going first.  Behind the wheel instruction will occur before school, after school, during holidays and on weekends.  Students must complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training.

Failure to Attend

If a student fails to show up for the first day of class without notification, the student will be removed from the class roster and the space will be given to the next person on the waiting list.  Due to class size limitations, if a student fails to show up for an assigned class, the student will have to wait 90 days before signing up again.

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