Student Transfer Window NOW OPEN! | ¡Ventana de transferencia de estudiantes ahora abierta!
Asheboro City Schools student transfer window is open with digital applications for student admission, reassignment, and release. The window for applications is March 1st to June 1st each year. Applications should be completed prior to the deadline of June 1st for students who wish to attend a school other than the one they are assigned. | La ventana de transferencia de estudiantes de las Escuelas de la Ciudad de Asheboro ahora está abierta con solicitudes digitales disponibles para la admisión, reasignación y liberación de estudiantes. Cada año la ventanilla para las solicitudes es del 1 de marzo hasta el 1 de junio. Las solicitudes deben ser completadas antes del 1 de junio para los estudiantes que desean asistir a una escuela distinta a la que se les asigna. Las solicitudes se pueden encontrar en el enlace a continuación.

All digital applications are available on the ACS Support Services website:

Graduation Requirements

Units for graduation from Asheboro High School are counted from the 9th grade forward. Students must successfully complete his/her maximum potential for earning credit over a four year span less four units. Maximum potential is defined as an individual’s opportunity to earn all high school credits available within an academic year. Students may take a maximum of eight subjects each year in grades 9-12, for a total of 32 units in four years.

Students will be promoted from the middle school to high school upon completion of all middle school requirements, and upon recommendation of the school principal.

Promotion Standards

In accordance with graduation requirements, grade level classification is based on a student's maximum potential to earn credit along with the following criteria:

*To be classified as a sophomore: a student must have passed the number of units equal to his/her maximum potenital less 2 units. One unit must be English 9.

*To be classified as a junior: a student must have passed the number of units equal to his/her maximum potential less 3 units. One unit must be English 10.

*To be classified as a senior: a student must have passed the number of units equal to his/her maximum potential less 4 units. One unit must be English 11.

*Maximum potential is defined as an individual student's opportunity to have earned high school credit. For example, a freshman enrolled at Asheboro High School for a full academic year has the maximum potential to earn 8 credits per year. To be classified as a sophomore, that student must pass 6 credits, one of which must be English 9.

N.C. High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) Requirements

To be eligible for athletic participation, a student must have:
*Passed a minimum of three courses during the preceding semester
*Been in attendance for at least 85% of the preceding semester
*Met promotion standards set forth by the Asheboro City Board of Education 

High School Graduation Requirements

For Ninth Graders Entering in 2012-13 and Later

Content AreaFuture Ready Core Course of Study RequirementsFuture Ready Occupational Course of Study Requirements
4 Credits
English I, II, III, and IV
4 Credits
English I, II, III, and IV
4 Credits
NC Math I, II, III, and 4th math course to be aligned with the student’s post high school plans
3 Credits
Introduction to MathematicsMath 1Financial Management
3 Credits
A Physical Science courseBiologyEarth/Environmental Science
2 Credits
Applied ScienceBiology
Social Studies
4 Credits
World HistoryAmerican History: The Founding Principles, Civics and EconomicsAmerican History I and II 
2 Credits
American History I and II
World LanguagesNot required for high school graduation. A two credit minimum is required for admission to a university in the UNC system.Not required for high school graduation.
Health and Physical Education
1 Credit
Health and Physical Education
1 Credit
Health and Physical Education
Electives or Other Requirements
12 Credits
2 elective credits (required) of any combination from either:
– Career and Technical Education (CTE)
?– Arts Education
?– World Languages
?4 elective credits strongly recommended (four course concentration) from oneof the following:– Career and Technical Education (CTE)
?– Arts Education (e.g. dance, music, theater arts, visual arts)
?– Any other subject area (e.g. social studies, science, mathematics, English)
6 Credits
Occupational Preparation I, II, III, and IV
4 Credits
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
6 Elective Credits
Elective Credits/Completion of IEP Objectives/Career Portfolio Required  
Total28 credits28 credits
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