ACS Summer Learning Abounds!
ACS is excited to offer a number of learning opportunities for the summer months of 2022. While many of our summer programs are by invitation only, we will offer open registration for Career and Technical Education Camps, the Career Accelerator program (internships), and College Tours. 

School Leadership Team & CIP

Committee Members:

Dr. Penny Crooks, Principal

Eric Gee, Asst Principal

Laura Holland - Chair

Amy Cagle - Minutes

John Allen

Meredith Baird
Elizabeth Beckwith
Brooke Davis
Catherine Davis
Matt Edwards
Josh Faircloth
Kristen Faircloth
Wendy Graham
Lori Hurley
Luke Hurley - Student
Katherine Kelley
Arianna Lovingood - Student
Mary Luck
Jeff Melberger
Turcker Smith
Joana Vargas - Student
Amanda Thompson
Roxana Vazquez - Student
Amber Walker
Craig York

Continuous Improvement Plan

Meeting Minutes: 
May 10, 2022

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