Third Grade

Curriculum Overview
Third grade children at Balfour Elementary School focus on building foundational reading skills as well as comprehension skills. This involves the children reading independently, responding to what they read, and answering the teacher’s questions about what they read. The children also work on their writing that as part of balanced literacy.

In math the children will be learning amazing things about geometry, fractions, and focusing a lot on learning those, all important, multiplication facts.

In Science the children will explore the solar system, human body and soil.

In Social Studies they will learn about communities around the world and discovering the way our government works.

Student and Parent Expectations
The students and parents in third grade are expected to show respect to everyone in the classroom community. The children are expected to follow all classroom and school rules. The parents, children and teachers are encouraged to work together to show respect for each other. Everyone must work together to ensure that the school and classroom runs the best that it can.

All children in third grade are expected to follow the school BARK expectations, in and out of their classroom.

Activities & Field Trips
Third grade has special activities in individual classrooms. At the end of the year we have field day and water day. We also take music and science-based educational field trips. Our students can also participate in the school spelling bee and STEAM competition.

Third grade is the first year where the children take the EOG (End of Grade) Tests. We also do assessments/district benchmark assessments throughout the year in reading to check their reading levels, reading vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Third grade students will also take district benchmarks and an EOG to determine math proficiency. Classroom teachers may also use assessments to determine proficiency of concepts in the classroom, throughout the year.

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