Fourth Grade

 Welcome to the Fourth Grade at Balfour Elementary. 

This year you will be studying these subjects and areas:

Reading – Balanced Literacy with the use of whole and small group instruction which includes

  • Reading AIMSWEB online to assess reading

  • Daily Reading Logs for homework Monday-Thursday, due Friday

  • Concentration on reaching fourth grade SRI Levels of 740-940


•Memorization of multiplication tables a must!

•Focused use of the TI-15 calculator

•Place Value through the millions

•Multiplication/Division strategies (not the algorithm)

•Area and Perimeter

•Fractions and Mixed Numbers

•Geometric Properties

•Problem Solving and Word Problems

Writing/Language Arts

All of our writing this year will be embedded into our Reading/Language Arts block.  We will focus on narratives, opinions, and informative writing, but most will be embedded in our units for Language Arts.


•Rocks and Minerals
•Moon phases
•Rotation of the earth
•Fossils and erosion 
•Nutrition (food as energy)



Social Studies

Focused instruction on the people and places of North Carolina – past, present and future

Project based learning and research


The fourth grade teachers have the following expectations of all students and parents:


Students are to follow ALL school and classroom rules

•Practice Positive Behavior using BARK and Character Trait guidelines

•Homework/Planners/Classwork folders 

•Daily Work Planners to be reviewed nightly by parent/guardian

•Minimum of 30 minutes of reading a night and will increase after each grading period

•Please attend all school/class/parent-teacher meetings as it will benefit the student -Part of these meetings are our AFTT Nights (These are scheduled for October 24, February 15 and April 10)


Some of the tentative activities and field trips that we will participate in this year are:

•Raleigh Science and History Museums - Spring

•Greensboro Symphony

Of course, in fourth grade we participate in North Carolina End of Grade Testing. In fourth grade we have the following tests:


•             September – Reading and Math AIMSWEB Assessments

•             December and January – Reading and Math AIMSWEB Assessments

•             April and May– Reading and Math AIMSWEB Assessments

•             May – Reading and Math EOG

•             Ongoing – Writing, Reading AIMSWEB Progress Monitoring

 We, the teachers, are here to help each student on the road to success. We believe that the most important ingredient in the recipe of success is communication. With open and constructive communication between parents/guardians and teachers, student success is almost guaranteed. We welcome each opportunity to discuss any difficulties or successes of each student. We encourage parents and guardians to be active parts of our daily routine when possible. The fourth grade teachers view their classrooms as families, and parents/guardians are included. 
 One way that parents, students and teachers can communicate is through ClassDojo.  We look forward to working with everyone this year to make this year a successful one.

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