Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Elizabeth McLeod (Dual Language)

Kindergarten Grade Level Information
Daily Procedure
Have your child to school on time each day.
Students may enter the building at 7:25.The tardy bell rings at 7:45. After 7:45 you should walk your child into the building and sign them in at the office. Your child’s teacher must receive a tardy slip from any child coming to class after the 7:45 bell.
Students will be dismissed at 2:35. All students must be picked up by 2:45.
Encourage independence in your child and let them go to their classroom by themselves.

Reading, Writing and Readiness
Recognizes upper and lower case letters out of sequence
Is learning letter / sound associations
Writes first name
Knows concepts of print
Knows to go left to right
Knows to go top to bottom
Knows where a page begins
Knows the front and back of a book
By the end of kindergarten, students should be reading on a level D.
Expresses ideas in writing using consonant letters and/or words
Writes letters of the alphabet
Knows differences between letters and numbers
Can answer simple questions about a story or poem
Can tell and retell stories
Can tell beginning sounds of words
Can tell and make rhyming words

Recognizes numerals 0 - 20
Counts to 100 by ones and tens
Sorts objects by size, shape, color and can compare which group has more/less
Knows and preforms positional words
Solves word problems to 10
Understands the concept of how many
Identifies 2D and 3D shapes

Motor Skills
Take care of personal needs

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