Fifth Grade

Welcome to your final year at Balfour Elementary! 
We look forward to helping students prepare for middle school while getting to know each of them and their families as we embark on the journey of education together! We believe learning is an ongoing, never-ending life skill and we cannot wait to further instill the passion and love of seeking new knowledge while always asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversations and learning with our students! 

Curriculum - This year, we will be implementing the Common Core Standards in Literacy and Mathematics. 
Literacy: Each nine weeks will have a focused theme that integrates Social Studies into our reading and writing block. We expose students to various types of genres from novel studies, to poetry, biographies, current event articles and more. We will be taking part in guided reading groups, seminars, as well as a variety of other reading and writing activities.  
Social Studies: Our focus is on United States history, government, culture, and economics. We also focus on rights, responsibilities, and diversity of citizens in the United States and how that has influenced settlement and migration into the U.S. 
Science: This year in Science, we will be studying the following topics - Weather, Matter and Energy, Force and Motion, Genetics, Human Body and Environments. Students will learn these concepts through experiments, real life application and various strategies to teach science vocabulary terms. 
Math: In math, we will be focusing heavily on number concepts and operations. This includes fractions, decimals, base ten, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We also spend a great deal of time using the 8 Math Practices for solving problems. We will be studying Algebra, Geometry and Measurement along with our Number Unit. 

Fifth Graders are involved in several areas of testing throughout the

  • End of Grade Tests 
  • Reading, Math, and Science Benchmarks 

We have a lot of fun things planned for fifth grade. Some things are:

  • D.A.R.E. 
  • Safety Patrol
  • NC Big Clean Sweep 
  • Battle of the Books 
  • Spelling Bee 
  • Field Trips 
  • End of Year Ceremony 
  • Student-Led Conferences 
  • Various Club Opportunities such as Soccer Club, Mustache Fraternity, Cooking Club, The Esteemed Club and more!
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