Board Meeting Information

The Asheboro City Board of Education meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Professional Development Center located on the corner of Church and Walker Streets on the Asheboro High School campus.

The Board conducts paperless meetings with all materials available in a PDF file via computer.
The Friday following each regular meeting, the entire meeting packet will be available online.
 July 9 and 10 (Special Called Meetings) AgendaAddendum  MaterialsBriefs 
 August 8 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 September 12 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 October 10 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 November 14 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 December 12 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 January 9  Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 February 13 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 March 12 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 April 9 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 May 14 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
 July 11 Agenda Addendum  Materials Briefs 
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