2022-2023 Meetings

July 14AgendaAddendum
July 28 (Special Called)-5:30 pm Central Office BoardroomAgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
August 11Agenda
August 22 (Special Called)-5:30 pm Central Office BoardroomAgenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs
September 8Agenda AddendumMaterials Briefs 
October 20Agenda Addendum MaterialsBriefs 

November 17 (changed from November 10)Agenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs 
December 8AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
January 12AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs

February 9**AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs

Agenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs
March 9***AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs
April 6****AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs 
April 25 special called-5:30 p.m. Central office boardroomAgenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs
May 10 special called-5:30 p.m. Central Office BoardroomAgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
May 11AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
June 8Agenda
June 29 (Special Called)-5:30 pm Central Office BoardroomAgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs

*      Indicates Asheboro City Board of Education annual retreat. 
**     Indicates annual meeting with Randolph County Commissioners.
***   Indicates annual budget meeting. 
****  Indicates annual budget approval meeting. 

Board Meeting Dates

The Asheboro City Board of Education will meet in person on the following dates at 7:30 p.m. during the 2022-2023 school year. The Board conducts paperless meetings with all materials available in a PDF format. The Friday following each regular meeting, the entire meeting packet will be available online. Please note: Meetings through 2022 will take place at North Asheboro Middle School's theatre (auditorium).  
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