2021-2022 Meetings

Board Meeting Dates

The Asheboro City Board of Education will meet in person on the following dates at 7:30 p.m. during the 2022-2023 school year. The Board conducts paperless meetings with all materials available in a PDF format. The Friday following each regular meeting, the entire meeting packet will be available online. Please note: Meetings through 2022 will take place at North Asheboro Middle School's theatre (auditorium).  

July 15AgendaAddendum
August 12Agenda
September 9Agenda AddendumMaterials Briefs
October 14Agenda Addendum MaterialsBriefs 
Some board members will be participating remotely at this meeting.  Therefore, to promote  full  participation  of board members while ensuring access and  transparency for  the public  as  required  by  the  Open  Meetings  Law,  G.S.  143-318.9, and pursuant  to G.S. 166A-19.24 during a state declared emergency, the public can access the remote meeting via the live stream links below. 
Policy and Finance Meetings
Board of Education Meeting

November 4Agenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs
December 9AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
January 13AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs
January 28-29 RetreatAgenda 
February 10**AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs
February 24 - Board Work SessionAgenda AddendumMaterialsBriefs
March 10***AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
April 7****AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs 
May 12AgendaAddendumMaterialsBriefs
June 2AgendaAddendum MaterialsBriefs
June 22 (Special Called) 5:30 at Central Office Board RoomAgenda

June 28 (Special Called)AgendaAddendumMaterials

*      Indicates Asheboro City Board of Education annual retreat. 
**     Indicates annual meeting with Randolph County Commissioners.
***   Indicates annual budget meeting. 
****  Indicates annual budget approval meeting. 
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