Policies and Calendars Under Public Review

Policies and Calendars Under Public Review

1. Board Policies Under Public Review

The following policies are under public review and are up for approval next month's Board of Education meeting. 

Policy 4700 - Student Records
Policy 5030 - Community Use of Facilities
Policy 5210 - Distribution and Display of Non-School Material
Policy 6320 - Use of Student Transportation Services
Policy 6335 - Use of Private Vehicles for School-Related Purposes
Policy 6340 - Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts
Policy 8305 - Federal Grant Administration
Policy 8310 - Annual Independent Audit
Policy 9000 - Planning to Address Facility Needs

To submit feedback on these policies, the calendar or other information under 30-day review, please send emails to: [email protected]

2. Policies Under Review by Board Policy Committee

The following policies are currently under consideration for revision by the board policy committee

Policy 2123 - Board Member Opportunities for Development
Policy 2220 - Official School Spokesperson
Policy 2341 - Quorum
Policy 3431 - Conflict Resolution
Policy 5100 - Relationships with Other Governmental Agencies
Policy 5110 - Relationship with County Commissioners
Policy 6140 - Student Wellness
Policy 9210 - Care and Maintenance of Grounds

3. Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) District Draft Plan
To submit feedback on this plan, please send emails to: [email protected]

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