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Board Policies and Calendars Under Review

Policies and Calendars under review


The following policies are under a 30-day review and are up for approval next month's Board of Education meeting. 

None in September 2020

To submit feedback on these policies or other information under 30-day review, please send emails to:  [email protected]

The following policies are currently under consideration for revision by the board policy committee. 
Policy 1200 - Governing Principle – Student Success
Policy 1400 - Governing Principle – School Initiatives
Policy 1700 - Governing Principle – Removal of Barriers
Policy 1800 - Governing Principle – Stewardship of Resources
Policy 3410 - Testing and Assessment Program
Policy 3420 - Student Promotion and Accountability
Policy 1610/7800 - Professional and Staff Development
Policy 7360/8225 - Crowdfunding on Behalf of the School System

Current versions of these and all policies are available at Asheboro City Schools Board Policies




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