Board Policies Under Review

The following policies are under a 30-day review and will be up for approval next month's Board of Education meeting. 

Policy 4260 - Student Sex Offenders
Policy 4301 - Authority of School Personnel
Policy 4315 - Disruptive Behavior
Policy 4330 - Theft Trespass and Damage to Property
Policy 4341 - Parent Involvement in Student Behavior Issues
Policy 4352 - Removal of Student During the Day
Policy 4362 - Request for Readmission of Student Suspended for 365 Days or Expelled

Please contact Dr. Drew Maerz for copies of these policies with the proposed changes.

 The following policies are under consideration by the board policy committee and will be up for 30-Day Review at next month's Board of Education meeting. 

Policy 4260 - Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy 7815 - Evaluation of Non-Licensed Employees
Policy 8340 - Insurance
Policy 4705/7825 - Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information

Current versions of these and all policies are available at Asheboro City Schools Board Policies

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