Grades K-12 Operating in Plan A
At this time, grades K-12 are operating in Plan A four days a week.

Board Goals

Strategic Goal:

By 2021, 100 percent of Asheboro City Schools students will graduate globally
competitive for college, careers, and citizenship.

Our primary focus is on teaching and assessing those skills our students need to excel as 21st Century learners, workers and citizens. Each Asheboro City Schools student will be:

*Academically proficient;
*Effective communicator and collaborator;
*Critical and creative thinker, innovator, and problem solver;
*Globally aware, independent, responsible learner, and citizen.

Our Strategic Objectives

GOAL 1:   Each student in Asheboro City Schools graduates prepared for
                  further education, work, and citizenship.
GOAL 2:   Each student has a personalized education.
GOAL 3:   Each student has excellent educators every day.
GOAL 4:   Asheboro City Schools will have up-to-date business, technology, and
                  communication systems to serve its students, families, and staff.
GOAL 5:   Each student is healthy, safe, and responsible.
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