2022-2026 Strategic Plan

2022-2026 ACS Strategic Plan

Mission: Every student will have equitable access to engaging learning that transforms life outcomes and prepares them to be collaborative, competitive, and successful in our global world. 

Vision: Asheboro City Schools engages students in educational experiences and opportunities that elevate lifelong learning, cultivates exceptional thinkers, and empowers students to design their own futures. 

GOAL 1 - Focusing Direction: Asheboro City Schools will create a process of continuous improvement with clear, focused direction. 
Objective 1: ACS will eliminate barriers to success and ensure equitable opportunities for all students. 
Objective 2: ACS will provide leadership coaching and development for school and district leaders. 
Objective 3: ACS will invest in the recruitment, retention, and professional growth of our staff to create a workforce that is representative of our district. 
Objective 4: ACS will commit to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to enhance strategic communications that build trust, confidence, and support transparency. 
Objective 5: ACS will maintain and update facilities and learning spaces throughout the district. 

GOAL 2 - Cultivating Collaborative Cultures: Asheboro City Schools will cultivate the expertise of stakeholders to be focused on a collective purpose. 
Objective 1: ACS will increase community partnerships to provide enrichment support for all students during school, after school, and during the summer. 
Objective 2: ACS will commit to enhancing the organizational culture of the district so that all employees feel valued, supported, and trusted. 
Objective 3: ACS will work collaboratively within schools and across the district with families, communities, and public organizations to establish schools as hubs of our community, providing space for outreach and collectively creating opportunities for student success. 

GOAL 3 - Deepening Learning: Asheboro City Schools will improve the learning-teaching process by establishing clear learning goals, building precise professional expectations, and strengthening resources and academic programming. 
Objective 1: ACS will provide professional growth opportunities for staff with clear instructional expectations.
Objective 2: ACS will provide all students, relevant, engaging instruction with clear learning goals. 
Objective 3: ACS will expand academic and enrichment opportunities for all students. 
Objective 4: ACS will focus on the health and wellness for both students and staff in order to produce a safe learning environment where students and staff can thrive. 

Core Value Statements:
Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

Wellness and Safety:
We value instilling life-long social emotional skills in a safe, nurturing learning environment. 
We seek authentic, meaningful relationships and partnerships that support learning for the whole child. 
We have an urgent responsibility to provide access to wrap-around support and opportunities to improve the well-being of our community. 
We are committed prioritizing the safety and well-being of our stakeholders. 

Revolutionary Learning:
We value state-of-the-art learning environments infused with innovative resources for our learners and families. 
We seek rigorous, personalized, culturally-responsive instruction to all students. 
We have an urgent responsibility to close the opportunity gap. 
We are committed to providing purposeful, enriching learning experiences that foster academic achievement and lead to successful outcomes for each student. 

We value our students, staff, families, and community. 
We seek diverse perspectives and voices. 
We have an urgent responsibility to overcome systemic inequities in our organization. 
We are committed to inclusion and an ongoing quest for equity. 

We value collaboration within our organization and community. 
We seek trusting relationships where all stakeholders feel valued and supported. 
We have an urgent responsibility to use our collective capacity to make a difference.
We are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration. 

Annual Reporting on Strategic Plans

Guided by our strategic plan, we annually share with our stakeholders successes and highlights of the previous school year. The following reports share the hard work of our students and staff throughout the year to meet and exceed our strategic goals. While much progress has been made, there is still much work to be done. Our greatest challenges continue to be increasing reading and math proficiency for all students, closing the opportunity gap, and ensuring equity for all students in Asheboro City Schools. 
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