2021-2022 School Opening
Masks continue to be required in Asheboro City Schools and we are utilizing a number of practices to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. For more information, please see our School Opening Update.

Suggestions for Parents

Suggestions for Parents

1. Encourage your child to read every day.

2. Read aloud to your child.

3. Choose a variety of materials:  fiction and nonfiction, newspaper and magazine articles, comics and any other items of interest.

4. Read favorite books over and over again.  Rereading books helps a child read more fluently and gain confidence.

5. Discuss new words.

6. Stop and ask about the pictures/illustrations and what is happening in the story.

7. When your child comes to a difficult word, encourage a few strategies-
     - Check the picture for clues
     - Go back and reread for meaning.
     - Check the first letter of the word.

8. Read yourself, for when your children see you reading for pleasure, you present a good role model for them.

Readers are Leaders
8 Ways to Become a Great Reader
Tips for Kids
1. Read every day.
2. Read out loud with someone else.
3. Read about things that you like.
4. Take a book with you wherever you go.
5. Read everything you can, like maps, menus, signs, newspapers, and magazines.
6. Talk about what you've read.
7. Keep a log of what you've read.
8. Be proud of your reading accomplishments!
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