After School Clubs

Guy B. Teachey is proud to offer a variety of after school clubs to students. Each club has different end times and meeting dates throughout the year. Please check with each group’s advisor for more information.

Art Club

Staff AdvisorStephanie Wells
Day of the WeekThursday
Grade Level(s)Fourth and Fifth
No. of Participants: 20-25
Art Club allows students who are interested in art to further develop their art skills. Students create special art projects after school that are not offered during art instruction and learn more complex art concepts.

Battle of the Books

Staff AdvisorCassie Lassiter
Day of the Week
Grade Level(s)Fourth and Fifth
No. of Participants 12-15
Battle of the Books is an organization where students expand their literacy knowledge. Students read from a preselected list of books. While reading, students look closely at major and minor details in the story. Students then prepare to answer questions about the books for a district-wide Battle of the Books competition. 

Lego Robotics

Staff Advisor Hannah Lawton
Day of the Week Friday
Grade Level(s) Fourth and Fifth
No. of Participants 12-15 in multple yearly sessions
Lego Robotics allows students to develop their math, science, and computer programming. Students must problem solve when building the robot and then create programs to instruct the robot to complete tasks. 

Tiger Fitness

Staff Advisor Crandel Coltrane
Day of the WeekMonday
Grade Level(s)Third, Fourth, and Fifth
No. of Participants  30-50
Tiger Fitness is for students who are interested in sports and fitness. Tiger Fitness allows its members to participate in different kinds of physical activities and learn about healthy leaving. Students train during their meetings and on their own to complete a 5K held at South Asheboro Middle School. 

Tuneful Tigers

Staff AdvisorJonas Hancock
Day of the WeekWednesday
Grade Level(s)Fourth and Fifth
No. of Participants 25-50
Tuneful Tigers is one of our after school music clubs. In this club, students learn about what it means to be a choral musician. Students in Tuneful Tigers also participate in special performances throughout the school year including performances at award ceremonies and a winter concert. 

NC Elementary Honors Chorus

Staff AdvisorJonas Hancock
Day of the WeekWednesday
Grade Level(s)Fourth and Fifth
No. of Participants 25-30
Teachey students in the fourth and fifth grade have the opportunity to audition for the NC Elementary Honors Chorus. This group brings together nearly 200 young singers from across the state who rehearse and perform as part of the NC Music Educators Conference in Winston Salem each November. School-based auditions begin the first week of each school year.
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