Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy is designed to provide students with invaluable experiences in preparation for a career in medical and healthcare fields.  It is a small learning community developed for the diverse learner and is integrated within the larger comprehensive high school.

The Benefits:
  • Through coursework and unique opportunities, students will build a health sciences focused resume in preparation for college and scholarship applications
  • Students will begin networking with medical professionals in the local community
  • Members will receive a career-focused and purposeful core and elective curriculum
  • A variety of recognition programs will be available
  • Members will receive individualized academic counseling allowing students to focus on short and long term goals
  • Each cohort will allow students to create a collaborative environment with their peers
  • Prepare students for the 21st century workplace
  • Provide students with authentic learning experiences
  • Provide students with co-curricular activities that further and expand their career preparation
  • To establish a partnership between Asheboro High School and area health professionals
  • Connect curriculum and the workplace
  • Promote personal growth
  • Foster leadership
  • Engage students in a rigorous and challenging course of study
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