2021-2022 School Opening
Masks continue to be required in Asheboro City Schools and we are utilizing a number of practices to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. For more information, please see our School Opening Update.

History of Guy B. Teachey Elementary School



Guy B. Teachey Elementary School opened in 1963. The school was built in one and one-half years. Mr. Guy B. Teachey was the Superintendent of Asheboro City Schools during this time and the school was named in honor of his dedication to education. A surveyor was hired to fly in a plane over the area to find the best location for a school in the southern part of Asheboro and the Guy B. Teachey site was chosen. At the time it was a cow pasture. A road into the school site was constructed. Mr. Glenn Brookshire was the first principal at Teachey. Under his leadership, the school earned Southern Association accreditation in just one year. Also in 1963, the Asheboro City Schools Central Office building was constructed. Asheboro City Schools became desegregated in 1964. In 1969 Central School closed and students from Central came to attend Teachey. Mr. Grady King was also principal at Teachey during several years in the sixties. In 1969, the Learning Disabilities program began at Guy B. Teachey with Ms. Raeburn Blevins as the teacher. This program provided small group instruction and personal attention for exceptional children.


Guy B. Teachey remained under the leadership of Mr. Grady King as principal during the seventies. In 1972, Mr. Guy B. Teachey retired as Superintendent of Asheboro City Schools. A portrait of Mr. Teachey was unveiled at a dinner held in his honor in the cafeteria of Teachey School. Mr. Lee Phoenix was named as the new Superintendent of Asheboro City Schools. A Kindergarten lottery system was instituted in 1973. Now Teachey included grades K-6. During the seventies, the media center was enlarged and the office area was expanded. A work year for teachers was only nine months. These were the days of purple mimeograph machines and laminating by hand. The average classroom size was 30 students or more with no teacher assistants. Ms. Rosa Auman taught Bible and Ms. Louise Swain taught piano lessons at Teachey.


Mr. Grady King led Teachey Elementary into the eighties. Ms. Mary Smitherman was principal from 1982-1984. She was followed by Mr. Jim Colavito as principal from 1984-1986. Mr. Marvin Hogsed provided leadership for Teachey from 1986-1993. During the eighties, Asheboro City Schools received Level III accreditation from the state of North Carolina. In the 1980s, Teachey became the first Asheboro City School with a TMH class. Ms. Bea Cole was the teacher of this class.


In the nineties, leadership was provided by Mr. Marvin Hogsed until 1993. Ms. Nancy Avery was principal from 1993-1997 until she left Teachey to be principal at North Asheboro Middle School. The decade of the nineties was completed with Ms. Allison Sholar as principal from 1997-1998 and Mrs. Denny Jennings from 1998-2000


ABCs Accountability with the state of North Carolina becomes a major focus. Guy B. Teachey was a School of Excellence in 2000-2001. The school received School of Distinction status in the years of 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. In the 2001-2002 school year, the new Kindergarten wing was opened at Teachey. This wing houses four regular classrooms, storage areas, and two resource classrooms. Ms. Nancy Avery returned as principal in the years of 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. Dr. Karen Kiser-Kling became principal at Teachey in 2002. Guy B. Teachey became a school wide Title I school in 2003. 


In 2007 a new addition was added to Guy B. Teachey School. The school received a new wing of classrooms, a new art room, resource rooms, and a new multipurpose room / gym. As well, the office area was remodeled and the cafeteria was expanded.

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