Let's Hear from You!

The Asheboro City Board of Education is considering revisions to the 2020-2021 school calendar. They are also considering two proposed calendars for the 2021-2022 school year. These calendars will be under review for the next 30 days. The Board will take action on these items at their March 12 meeting. Between now and then, we ask you to review the calendars and submit your feedback to feedback@asheboro.k12.nc.us

Proposed calendars can be found at the following location: 

Supply List

Students at ECDC are not required to provide any supplies. However the following supplies are suggested:

    *a backpack or bookbag
    *a small blanket or towel for rest time

The Early Childhood Development Center will supply all needed materials for your child during their time at the center. Note: If your child is wearing diapers, parents must supply diapers and wipes for the child.

If you would like to donate items to be used in the classroom, please consult your child's teacher to know what they need. Supplies that teachers often need are tissues, baby wipes, ziploc type bags of various sizes, etc. Teachers also may be able to use items for special classroom activities. What is needed will be different for each class so consult with your teacher before donating. Thank you!

Consumibles sugeridos

Los estudiantes de la ECDC no están obligados a proveer todos los suministros. Sin embargo, las siguientes cosas son sugeridos:

     * una mochila o bolsa de libros
     * una cobijita o una toalla para el tiempo de descanso

El Centro Infantil de Desarrollo Temprano suministrará todos los materiales necesarios para su hijo durante su estancia en el centro. Nota: Si su niño usa pañales, los padres deben proveer pañales y toallitas húmedas para el niño.

Si usted desea donar artículos para ser utilizados en el salón, por favor consulte con la maestra de su hijo para saber lo que necesitan. Cosas que las maestras a menudo necesitan son tejidos (pañuelo de papel), toallitas húmedas para bebés, bolsas tipo Ziploc de varios tamaños, etc. Las maestras también pueden utilizar las cosas para actividades especiales del salón de clases. Lo que se necesita será diferente para cada clase por lo tanto consulte con su maestra antes de donar. ¡Gracias!
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