Staff Directory

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2019-20 Administrative and Building Staff

Mrs. Lisa Hayes, Principal

Mr. Chris Burian, Assistant Principal


Carrie Dorrity, Data Manager

Mariana Agudelo, Secretary

Judy Ebanks, Social Worker

Heather Meisch, School Nurse

Sarai Cox, Head Custodian



Mrs. Crystal Cortez

Mrs. Pepper Staggs

Mrs. Jennifer Tuft


First Grade

Mrs. Summer Forcini

Mrs. Caitlin Holloway 

Mrs. Danielle Hunter 

Mrs. Crystal Ray 


Second Grade

Mr. Chris Golden

Mrs. Ashley Hunt

Ms. Sarah Moore


Third Grade

Ms. Natalie Grady

Ms. Katie Swails

Mr. Brandon Wysong 


Fourth Grade

Mr. Ryan Gordy 

Ms. Meghan Joyce

Ms. Elizabeth Parry


Fifth Grade

Mrs. Leigha Banner 

Ms. Heather Carr 

Ms. Denia Stewart


Specialists and Support Staff

Ms. Robbin Baker – Art 

Mrs. Amy Smith - Media Coordinator

Ms. Jessica Marks - Music 

Ms. Kristen Faircloth – Physical Education

Mrs. Donna Cabiness – School Counselor

Mrs. Laura Boozer – Speech Therapist

Ms. Elizabeth Pugh – Exceptional Children

Ms. Beverly Lee – Exceptional Children

Ms. Pam Clinard – ESL 

Ms. Omayra Robles - ESL 

Ms. Tara Taylor – AIG 

Ms. Darlene Player – Title I Reading

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