Student Transfer Window NOW OPEN! | ¡Ventana de transferencia de estudiantes ahora abierta!
Asheboro City Schools student transfer window is open with digital applications for student admission, reassignment, and release. The window for applications is March 1st to June 1st each year. Applications should be completed prior to the deadline of June 1st for students who wish to attend a school other than the one they are assigned. | La ventana de transferencia de estudiantes de las Escuelas de la Ciudad de Asheboro ahora está abierta con solicitudes digitales disponibles para la admisión, reasignación y liberación de estudiantes. Cada año la ventanilla para las solicitudes es del 1 de marzo hasta el 1 de junio. Las solicitudes deben ser completadas antes del 1 de junio para los estudiantes que desean asistir a una escuela distinta a la que se les asigna. Las solicitudes se pueden encontrar en el enlace a continuación.

All digital applications are available on the ACS Support Services website:

Staff Directory

Julie Brady - Principal 
D.R. Cash - Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Lori Campbell - Receptionist
Aaron Nall - Data Manager / Treasurer
Megan Smith - Instructional Facilitator
Laura Williams - School Nurse
Leslie Smith-Moore - Counselor 
Jennifer Page - Social Worker
Kimberly Kenan - Speech Therapist

6th Grade                                                
Alex Adams - Math
Keri Hill - Language Arts    
Aleah Honeycutt - Social Studies
Tameka Jordan - Science
Robert Altadonna - Science / ELA
Corey Masterson  - Social Studies / ELA
Danielle Williams - Math / ELA      
7th Grade                                           
Jennifer Miller - Science 
Jorge Martinez - Social Studies
Brianna King - Math 
Betsy Hammond - Science 
Dustin Hagood - Social Studies

8th Grade 
Donna Hall - ELA / Social Studies
Marzell Parker - Social Studies
Candace Mosby - Science / Social Studies
Leslie Smith - Science   
Cody Bennett - Math 

Susan Butler - Band                        
Kathleen Lackey - Chorus / Piano           
Heather Norris - PE           
Brett Hoogkamp - PE           
Jamie Carr - Art 
Janeice Leonard - Agriculture Ed
Aimee Rogers - CTE Biotech Careers
Omayra Robles - Spanish
Bryan Clodfelter - Business and Computers 
Lisa Hayes - EC Program Facilitator  
Elisha Kivett - EC Program Facilitator (CRC)
Gabi Pike - Behavioral Specialist   
Kristen Toscano - Functional Skills 
Karyn Greco - Comprehensive Resource Classroom
Diara Pope - 7th Grade
Terry Allmon - 8th Grade / 6th Grade
Christopher Hall - EC Instructional Assistant
Jake Berrier - Social Emotional Learning / 6th Grade
Carrie Auler - EC Instructional Assistant

Tiffany Conville - 6th, 7th Grade
Melissa McKeown - 8th Grade
Carey Smith - 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

Alondra Ruiz - Media Coordinator
Dana Antoniou - Media Assistant
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