English Learners

English as a second language

When students arrive in Asheboro City Schools, they are asked to complete a Home Language Survey to determine if they speak a language other than English at home.  If the survey indicates that the students speak another language, the student must be tested using the Idea Proficiency Test to determine whether or not they are proficient in English.  If they are not proficient, they are included in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at the school to which they are assigned.

The ESL Program provides English language instruction for students with limited English proficiency by teachers with ESL certification. Annual language assessment using the Idea Proficiency Test indicates the progress the student is making in acquiring the English language.  Once the student has met the criteria to exit the ESL Program, they are no longer tested but are monitored for two years.   If they experience difficulty in their mainstream classes, the ESL teacher along with the classroom teacher, will determine what kind of assistance will best meet the needs of the student.  

All ESL students attend ESL class for only a portion of the school day.  It is important that students are given the same academic opportunities as students who are proficient in the English language. In addition, when students have limited English proficiency, regular classroom teachers must modify their instruction and assessment to meet the needs of these students.  

Students from other cultures are encouraged to continue to learn their native languages, because research shows that first language literacy is important for acquiring a second language.  It is also important for students to stay connected to their culture of origin and to continue to explore their identity. ESL teachers do not conduct classes using the native languages of the student.  In most cases, teachers do not speak the languages of the students. The language of instruction is English.

So that communication will not be an obstacle, the school provides an interpreter for parents who want to communicate with teachers, principals or other school personnel. In addition, every effort is made to send written communication to parents in their native languages. PTA Meetings for parents are held on a regular basis and interpreters are used at those meetings to ensure all parents understand what is being presented at the meetings.

The Asheboro City School district has a strong commitment to parents and to the success of all students.
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