ACS Science Fair

ASHEBORO – On Wednesday, January 3, Asheboro City Schools hosted the annual district science fair at South Asheboro Middle School. Students from North and South Asheboro Middle Schools participated in the event. First-place winners from each category now advance to the regional science fair held in February 2019.

Biological Science A

First Place - Addison Trogdon and Olivia Smith (SAMS)
“pH of Aquatic Plants”

Second Place - Marilu Robles-Garfias, Natasha Mederos, and Jessica Garcia Soto (NAMS)

“Talking to Plants”

Third Place - Piper Westhoff, Sarah Hildreth, and Taylor Davis (SAMS)
“Rabbit Manure Fertilizer”

Biological Science B

First Place - Michael Silva Garcia and Adi Salinas Garcia (NAMS)

“Music to My Ears”

Second Place - Emma Dobbins (SAMS)


Third Place - Jenna Crawford (SAMS)


Honorable Mention - Matthew Perdue (SAMS)

“Lung Function”


First Place - Max Raya (SAMS)

“Which Juice Cleans Pennies Better?”

Second Place - Samuel Elkins and Merik Snuggs (SAMS)
“Will Different Types of Salt Grow Different Kinds of Crystals”

Third Place - Chandler Macon (SAMS)

“Does Our Cereal Contain Iron?”

Honorable Mention - Daniel Cornett and Samuel Long (NAMS)

“How Permanent is a Permanent Marker” 

Honorable Mention - Savannah Gibson, Zulema Lujano Flores, and Abby Pearce (NAMS)

“Bath Bombs” 

Earth and Environmental

First Place - Tyje Savoy (SAMS)

“Landfill v. Composting”

Second Place - Seth Hydzik and Matthew Clauser (SAMS)

“Riverbank Erosion”

Third Place - Austin Cooper and Bella Southard (SAMS)

“Can You Replicate Chemical Fertilizers with Natural Materials”

First Place -
Alice Shultz (SAMS)

“Tall = Fall?”

Second Place - Mohamed Shalabi (SAMS)


Third Place - Yarely Morales Garcia, Micah Yow, and Marisol Flores Orellana (NAMS)

“Coin Battery”


First Place - Malayka Khan and Yusra Khan (SAMS)

“Can Heat Affect a Tennis Ball’s Bounce?”

Second Place - Fiona Wolfe-Roberts and Sara Cornelison (SAMS)

“The Hydrodynamics of a Swim Cap”

Third Place - Alexandra Pasillas, Ivan Guerro-Resendez, Henssel Galeano Ayala (NAMS)

“Straw Rockets”

Honorable Mention - David Elliott (SAMS)

“Does Tee Height Affect Distance?”


First Place - Brandon Todd (SAMS)

“Get This Song Stuck in Your Head”

Second Place - Kayla Murphy and Kadin McNair (SAMS)

“Which Material Filters Water the Best?”

The district also extends appreciation to all the judges who came out to support our students and the event.

Bob Langston - NC Zoo

Dr. Nichole Smith - NC A&T State University

LaShonda McDonald - ACS School Nurse

Leslie Wilhoit - NC Zoo

Dr. Gary Parks - Dentist

Joanna Barnes - ACS CTE Special Populations Coordinator

Emily Bradshaw- ACS CWM Instructional Facilitator

Joanne Corsbie - Communities in Schools

Quinton Louris - Village of Barnabas; Local Businessman

Stacey Walker Miller – Randolph Community College 

Karen Arnold - ACS Lead ESL Teacher

Carlos Gomes - ACS AHS Instructional Facilitator

Edward Ramsey - First United Methodist Church

Vanessa Brooks - ACS Family and Community Engagement Coordinator




(Reporters/Editors: Please call Leigh Anna Marbert at (336) 625-5104.)

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