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Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators Help Their Fellow Blue Comets

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Asheboro High School alumni return to assist current students in preparing for their science final exams (EOCs). This group of students is called the Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators and this is their second year doing this program to help current Asheboro High School students prepare for exams. The Collaborators held review sessions for three days before they all returned to their schools to start a new semester.

 “I liked asking them about their college experiences while at the same time working on my review. I would like others in the future to experience the same thing.” – Jaycoll Reyes, AHS Student

The Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators are a group of Asheboro High School Alumni currently enrolled in different universities across the state and country. These students are also all STEM majors including aerospace engineering, biology, and others. These students were trained by AHS science teachers in different subjects and were taught different activities to help students thoroughly review for their science EOCs. The Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators are not only able to offer fresh perspectives and new strategies to these students but they can also offer advice since they were in their shoes not too long ago. 

Another student, Helen Britt mentioned how beneficial the experience was.

“The Collegiate Collaborators helped me better understand the content we reviewed and answered some of my questions about higher education like classes, scholarships, and social life,” Britt said. “I feel more confident about taking the exam and ultimately applying to college now. I hope to work more with them in the future and even come back as a Collegiate Collaborator later in life.” 

The Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators attend the following universities:

UNC Asheville

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Charlotte

UNC Greensboro

NC State


Columbia University


John Hopkins University

Thank you to the Asheboro Collegiate Collaborators for volunteering your time to help your fellow Blue Comets! 

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