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Asheboro City Schools awarded $675,000 NC Stronger Connections Grant


Asheboro City Schools (ACS) was awarded six hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars through the North Carolina Stronger Connections Grant. Over the next two years, these funds will be used to support our students, the district and all stakeholders in a variety of ways within a multi-phased approach in order to build capacity, commitment, and partnerships while ensuring alignment to our district’s strategic plan.

The NC Stronger Connections Grant will support the implementation plan of the Asheboro City Schools Welcome Center and Global Innovation Center, enhance safety and security measures, and support secondary social and emotional learning programs. 

Asheboro City Schools Welcome Center’s goal and mission is to empower and strengthen our school community by providing comprehensive resources and support services to families and to foster a collaborative environment that promotes academic success, social well-being, and community engagement. With the support of this grant, two part-time Welcome Center coordinators will be hired to facilitate the center on a flexible schedule to support the families of our community. With the support of EdDirection, coaching and mentoring will be provided to our coordinators, along with appraisal and audit of services.

Grant funds will also be utilized to purchase an activity bus that will provide shuttle transportation to the Global Innovation Center for students to be connected to extensive learning opportunities. In addition, resources for the ACS Welcome Center will be provided through these funds along with flexible furniture, signage, and promotional materials. 

Asheboro City Schools and the Stronger Connections Grant recognize it as a top priority. Safety measures will be enhanced through these grant funds by providing physical security equipment so students, families, and stakeholders can build a collaborative culture in a safe environment. 

The NC Stronger Connections Grant will also support the implementation of core social and emotional learning in our secondary schools as we work to address the diverse needs of our students. Professional development and training will be provided to students and staff as we implement peer to peer support and social and emotional learning programs in grades 6-12.

Dr. Aaron Woody, superintendent, said “the North Carolina Stronger Connections Grant has the opportunity to transform student, family and community engagement in Asheboro.” These funds will significantly support the vision of the Welcome Center and Global Innovation Center by providing learning opportunities that actively engage participants using critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. “Our goal is to empower young people and adults to co-create thriving schools and contribute to safe, healthy, and just communities,” said Woody. 

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