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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage: Miriam Davila

Ms. Davila Standing with her Hispanic Heritage PosterBoard

 #HispanicHeritageMonth Embracing diversity and honoring Hispanic heritage. 

Ms. Davila, our incredible first-year Spanish teacher at SAMS, shares her perspective on how this month represents a joyful celebration of her beautiful culture. She says, "It's a celebration of my culture and who I am. Being able to be a Spanish teacher is a blessing. It also means recognizing the Hispanic people who have made a difference in this country." 

Ms. Davila was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and moved to the US when she was 11 years old. Since then, she's been on quite a journey, which has ultimately led her to become a teacher, which was her mother's dream for her. Throughout her time here in America, Ms. Davila was told no and discouraged from following her passions but she was resilient and persistent. 

Today, Ms. Davila graciously prepared and served authentic Mexican food for her students and coworkers to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. We are so happy to have her and to be able to celebrate her culture with her and her students. Thank you for your hard work, Ms. Davila!

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