Section 7000 Personnel

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

 7100Recruitment and Selection of PersonnelEnglish | Español
 7110Information Provided by Applicant or EmployeeEnglish | Español
 7120Employee Health CertificateEnglish | Español
 7130LicensureEnglish | Español

Work Environment

 7210Staff Involvement in Decision MakingEnglish | Español
 1750/7220Grievance Procedure for EmployeesEnglish | Español
 1710/4020/7230Discrimination and Harassment Prohibitted by Federal LawEnglish | Español
 7232Discrimination and Harassment in the WorkplaceEnglish | Español
 1720/4030/7235Title IX Nondiscrimination on the Basis of SexEnglish | Español
Prohibited Conduct and Reporting Process
English | Español
Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process
English | Español
 1730/4022/7231Nondiscrimination on the Basis of DisabilitiesEnglish | Español
 7232Discrimination and Harassment in the WorkplaceEnglish| Español
 4023/7233Pregnant and Parenting Students and EmployeesEnglish| Español
 7240Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free WorkplaceEnglish | Español

 7241Drug and Alcohol Testing of Commercial Motor Vehicle OperatorsEnglish| Español
 5026/7250Smoking and Tobacco ProductsEnglish | Español
 7260Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne PathogensEnglish | Español
 7262Communicable Diseases – EmployeesEnglish | Español
 4231/5021/7263Face CoveringsEnglish | Español
 7265Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Science LaboratoriesEnglish | Español
 5024/6127/7266Emergency Epinephrine Auto-Injector DevicesEnglish | Español
 5028/6130/7267 Automated External DefibrillatorEnglish | Español
 1510/4200/7270School SafetyEnglish | Español
 4201/7271Injury and Loss PreventionEnglish | Español
 4202/5029/7272Service Animals in Schools English | Español
 5027/7275Weapons and Explosives ProhibitedEnglish | Español
 1760/7280Prohibition Against RetaliationEnglish | Español

Staff Responsibilities

 7300Staff ResponsibilitiesEnglish| Español
 4040/7310Staff-Student RelationsEnglish| Español
 4329/7311Bullying and Harassing Behavior ProhibitedEnglish | Español
 4240/7312Child Abuse and Related Threats to Child SafetyEnglish| Español
 2125/7315Confidential InformationEnglish| Español
 4250/5075/7316North Carolina Address Confidentiality ProgramEnglish | Español
 3225/4312/7320Technology Responsible UseEnglish | Español
 3227/7322Web Page DevelopmentEnglish | Español
 3230/7330Copyright ComplianceEnglish | Español
 7335Employee Use of Social MediaEnglish | Español
 7340Employee Dress and AppearanceEnglish| Español
 5070/7350Public Records - Retention, Release, and DispositionEnglish | Español
 5071/7351Electronically Stored Information RetentionEnglish | Español
 7360/8225Crowdfunding on Behalf of the School SystemEnglish| Español

Specific Employment Relationships

 7400Job DescriptionsEnglish | Español
 7405Extracurricular and Noninstructional DutiesEnglish | Español
 7410Teacher ContractsEnglish | Español
 7420Superintendent ContractEnglish | Español
 7422Deputy/Associate/Assistant Superintendent ContractsEnglish | Español
 7425School Administrator ContractsEnglish | Español
 7430Substitute TeachersEnglish | Español
 7440Personnel Reassignments/TransfersEnglish | Español

Workday and Absences

 7500Workday and OvertimeEnglish | Español
 7503Remote LearningEnglish | Español
 7510LeaveEnglish| Español
 7520Family and Medical LeaveEnglish| Español
 7530Military LeaveEnglish | Español
 7540Voluntary Shared LeaveEnglish| Español
 7550Absences Due to Inclement WeatherEnglish| Español
 7560Permitted Salary Deductions for Absences and Discipline of Certain Exempt EmployeesEnglish |Español 

 7610Defense of Board EmployeesEnglish | Español
 7620Payroll DeductionsEnglish| Español
 7635Return to WorkEnglish | Español

Non-Job Related Activities

 7720Employee Political ActivitiesEnglish | Español
 7730Employee Conflict of InterestEnglish| Español

Development and Evaluation

 1610/7800Professional and Staff DevelopmentEnglish| Español
 7810Evaluation of Licensed EmployeesEnglish | Español
 7811Plans for Growth and Improvement of Licensed EmployeesEnglish | Español
 7812Evaluation of SuperintendentEnglish | Español
 7815Evaluation of Non-Licensed EmployeesEnglish | Español
 7820Personnel FilesEnglish| Español
 7821Petition for Removal of Personnel RecordsEnglish | Español
 4705/7825Confidentiality of Personal Identifying InformationEnglish | Español


 7900ResignationEnglish | Español
 7910RetirementEnglish | Español
 7920Professional Personnel Reduction in ForceEnglish | Español
 7921Classified Personnel ReductionEnglish | Español
 7930Professional Employees: Demotion and DismissalEnglish | Español
 7935Nonrenewal or Non-Reemployment of TeachersEnglish | Español
 7940Classified Personnel: Suspension and DismissalEnglish | Español
 7950Non-Career Status Teachers: NonrenewalEnglish | Español
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