Section 6000 Support Services

Support Services

 6000Support ServicesEnglish | Español

Student Health Services

 6100Goals of Student Health ServicesEnglish | Español
 6110Organization of the Student Health ServicesEnglish | Español
 6120Student Health ServicesEnglish| Español
 6125Administering Medicines to StudentsEnglish | Español
 5024/6127/7266Emergency Epinephrine Auto-Injector DevicesEnglish | Español
 5028/6130/7267Automated External DefibrillatorEnglish | Español
 6140Student WellnessEnglish | Español
 4270/6145Concussion and Head Injury English | Español
 6150Head LiceEnglish | Español

School Food Services

 6200Goals of School Nutrition ServicesEnglish | Español
 6210Organization of School Nutrition Services
English | Español
 6220Operation of School Nutrition ServicesEnglish | Español
 6225Free and Reduced Price Meal ServicesEnglish | Español
 6230School Meal and Competitive Food StandardsEnglish| Español

Student Transportation Services

 6300Goals of Student Transportation ServicesEnglish | Español
 6305Safety and Student Transportation ServicesEnglish | Español
 6306School Bus IdlingEnglish | Español
 6310Organization of Student Transportation ServicesEnglish | Español
 6315DriversEnglish| Español
 6320Use of Student Transportation ServicesEnglish | Español
 6321Bus RoutesEnglish | Español
 6322Student Assignment to BusesEnglish | Español
 6325Parking Areas for StudentsEnglish | Español
 6330Insurance for Student Transportation ServicesEnglish | Español
 6340Transportation Service/Vehicle ContractsEnglish| Español

Purchasing Function

 6400Goals of the Purchasing FunctionEnglish | Español
 6401Ethics and the Purchasing FunctionEnglish | Español
 6402Participation by Historically Underutilized BusinessesEnglish | Español
 6410Organization of the Purchasing FunctionEnglish | Español
 6420Contracts with the BoardEnglish | Español
 6421Pre-Audit CertificationEnglish | Español
 6425Continuing ContractsEnglish | Español
 6430Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and SuppliesEnglish| Español
 6441/9121Bidders’ ListEnglish | Español
 6442Vendor ListsEnglish | Español
 6450Purchase of ServicesEnglish | Español

Equipment, Materials and Supplies

 6500Goals of Equipment, Materials and Supplies ServicesEnglish | Español
 6510Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies ServicesEnglish | Español
 6520Use of Equipment, Materials and SuppliesEnglish | Español
 6521Personal Use of Equipment, Materials and SuppliesEnglish | Español
 6522Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies by Nonschool GroupsEnglish | Español
 6524Network SecurityEnglish | Español
 6525Instructional Materials ServicesEnglish | Español
 6530Resource ConservationEnglish | Español
 6540Hazardous MaterialsEnglish | Español
 6550VandalismEnglish | Español
 6560Disposal of Surplus PropertyEnglish| Español
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