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Section 5000 Community Relationships

Relationship with Parents and the Community

 5000 Schools and the Community English | Español
 5010 Parent Organizations English | Español 
 5015 School Volunteers English Español
 5020 Visitors to the Schools English | Español 
 5022 Registered Sex Offenders English | Español
 5024/6127/7266 Emergency Epinephrine Auto-Injector Devices English | Español 
 5025 Prohibition of Alcoholic Beverages English | Español 
 5026/7250 Smoking and Tobacco Products English | Español 
 5027/7275 Weapons and Explosives Prohibited English Español
 5027/6130/7267 Automated External Defibrillator English | Español 
 4202/5029/7272 Service Animals in Schools  English | Español 
 5030 Community Use of Facilities English | Español
 5040 News Media Relations English Español
 5050 Emergency Closings English | Español 
 1742/5060 Responding to Complaints English | Español 
 5070/7350 Public Records English | Español 
 4250/5075/7316 North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program English | Español

Relationship with Other Governmental Agencies

 5100 Relationship with Other Governmental Agencies English | Español 
 5110  Relationship with County Commissioners English | Español 
 5120 Relationship with Law Enforcement English | Español 

Involvement with Outside Organizations and Individuals

 5210 Distribution and Display of Non-School Material English | Español 
 5220 Collections and Solicitations English | Español 
 5230 Participation in Research Projects English Español
 5240 Advertising in the Schools English | Español
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