Section 4000 STUDENTS

Student Focus

 4000Focus on StudentsEnglish | Español
 4001Equal Educational OpportunitiesEnglish | Español
 1310/4002Parental InvolvementEnglish| Español
 4003Translating Policies for Students and Families English | Español
 1740/4010Student and Parent Grievance ProcedureEnglish | Español
 1710/4020/7230Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited by Federal LawEnglish | Español
 1720/4030/7235Title IX Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex
English  | Español
 1725/4035/7236Prohibited Conduct and Reporting ProcessEnglish | Español 
 1726/4036/7237Title IX Sexual Harrasment Grievance ProcessEnglish | Español 
 1730/4022/7231Nondiscrimination on the Basis of DisabilitiesEnglish | Español
 4023/7233Pregnant and Parenting Students and EmployeesEnglish| Español
 4040/7310Staff-Student Relations English| Español
 4050Children of Military FamiliesEnglish| Español

Admission and Assignment 

 4100Age Requirements for Initial EntryEnglish| Español
 4110Immunization and Health Requirements for School AdmissionEnglish| Español
 4115Behavior Standards for Transfer StudentsEnglish | Español
 4120Domicile or Residence RequirementsEnglish | Español
 4124Transfer of Students to Other School Districts English | Español
 4125Homeless Students English | Español
 4130Discretionary AdmissionEnglish| Español
 4135Tuition for Discretionary AdmissionsEnglish | Español
 4150School AssignmentEnglish| Español
 4152Unsafe School TransferEnglish | Español
 4155Assignment to ClassesEnglish | Español


 1510/4200/7270School Safety                                                                                English | Español
 4201/7271Injury and Loss PreventionEnglish | Español
 4202/5029/7272Service Animals in Schools English | Español
 3226/4205Internet SafetyEnglish | Español
 4210Release of Students from SchoolEnglish | Español
 4220Student Insurance ProgramEnglish | Español
 4230Communicable Diseases - StudentsEnglish | Español
 4240/7312Child Abuse and Related Threats to Child SafetyEnglish| Español
 4250/5075/7316North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program English | Español
 4231/5021/7263Face CoveringsEnglish | Español 
 4260Student Sex Offenders English | Español
 4270/6145Concussion and Head InjuryEnglish| Español

Student Behavior

 4300Student Behavior PoliciesEnglish | Español
 4301Authority of School PersonnelEnglish | Español
 4302School Plan for Management of Student BehaviorEnglish | Español
 3470/4305Alternative Learning ProgramsEnglish | Español
 4307Disciplinary Action for Students with DisabilitiesEnglish | Español
 4310Integrity and CivilityEnglish| Español
 3225/4312/7320Technology Responsible UseEnglish | Español
 4315Disruptive BehaviorEnglish | Español
 4316Student Dress Code English | Español
 4318Use of Wireless Communication DevicesEnglish | Español
 4320Student Use of Tobacco ProductsEnglish | Español
 4325Drugs and AlcoholEnglish | Español
 4328Gang-Related ActivityEnglish | Español
 4329/7311Bullying and Harassing Behavior ProhibitedEnglish | Español 
 4330Theft, Trespass and Damage to PropertyEnglish | Español
 4331Assaults & ThreatsEnglish | Español
 4333Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats and Clear Threats to SafetyEnglish | Español
 4335Criminal BehaviorEnglish| Español
 4340School Level InvestigationsEnglish | Español
 4341Parental Involvement in Student Behavior IssuesEnglish | Español
 4342Student SearchesEnglish| Español
 4345Student Discipline RecordsEnglish | Español
 4351Short-Term SuspensionEnglish | Español
 4352Removal of Student During the DayEnglish | Español
 4353Long-Term Suspension, 365 Days Suspension, ExpulsionEnglish | Español
 4362Requests for Readmission of Students Suspended for 365 Days or ExpelledEnglish | Español
 4370Student Discipline Hearing ProceduresEnglish | Español


 4400AttendanceEnglish| Español

Student Fees 

 4600Student FeesEnglish | Español

Student Records

 4700Student Records English | Español
 4705/7825Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information English | Español
 4720Surveys of StudentsEnglish| Español
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