2021-22 School Year Opening Protocols

Superintendent Update for Families (Updated 10-14-2021)

As a reminder, tomorrow we will release students early so that our teachers and staff may participate in professional development. We will dismiss our ECDC and elementary students at 12:30 p.m. and our middle and high school students at 1:30 p.m. Students will be offered lunch prior to dismissal. This will be the last time we dismiss early for professional learning until March 2022. 

On Thursday, the Asheboro City Board of Education will meet for their October meeting. This month we will be LIVE streaming our meeting and each of our principals will be discussing their school’s proposed Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). Our Board will then vote on each CIP. You are welcome to join us in person or online. A link to our LIVE stream will be located on the ACS homepage.

And lastly, with this being mid-October, we are just about to round the corner on the first nine weeks of school. Report card distribution will be different for each school so please be on the lookout for information from your child’s principal. We encourage you to connect with your child’s teacher if you have questions or would like suggestions on how to better support your child. 

We appreciate your continued support. 

Aaron Woody, Ed.D. 


COVID-19 Relief Funds

2021-2022 Remote Instruction Plans

The 2021-2022 Return to Safe Instruction Plan will remain open for public comment through Sunday, November 7. If you would like to provide feedback on Asheboro City School remote instruction plan for this school year, please send comments to [email protected]

COVID-19 Informational Resources

• COVID-19 Fact Sheet 
• Stop the Spread of Germs
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