2020-2021 School Reopening

Updated Thursday, November 18

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Reminder to Families:

Grading Information:
When reviewing your child’s report card for the first nine weeks, please remind students that grades will not be waived this year as they were at the end of the last school year. Students will be receiving the grades denoted on their report cards. Students need to take their grades seriously and be sure to complete all assignments. Staying up to date on remote learning assignments and working with classroom teachers regularly will be critical to your child’s academic success. All grades are based on a combination of active learning and content mastery.

Parent Portal Access Information:
All parents should create an account for PowerSchool Parent Portal to monitor grades if one has not been created yet. Please see the link for information on accessing PowerSchool Parent Portal or contact the school’s data manager.

Attendance and Engagement Expectation:
Attendance in school and participation in class are an integral part of academic achievement and the teaching-learning process, regardless if instruction is in-person or remote. The State of North Carolina and Asheboro City Schools makes regular attendance by every student mandatory with attendance being taken each scheduled instructional day.  Parents or legal guardians have the responsibility for ensuring that students attend and remain in class for the duration of each scheduled instructional day/class period. When a student must miss all or part of an instructional day (in-person or remote), an excuse provided by a parent or guardian must be presented to the teacher or principal designee within 2 days after returning to school.  Absences that do not have a lawful excuse submitted by the parent or guardian are considered unexcused. Students with ten or more unexcused absences are considered truant by the State of North Carolina.

While Asheboro City Schools is on Plan B with students assigned to in-person and remote learning, students are expected to attend on all scheduled instructional days.  Attendance will be recorded on both in-person and remote instruction days.

If your student is enrolled in ACCESS Ed fully remote learning, please be reminded that scheduling and grading is aligned with ACS face-to-face or blended learning environments. Consistent internet access is required for the student’s learning workspace and includes a combination of recorded and live instructional sessions along with remote work assignments. Students are expected to participate with the class during class hours on a regular basis. Daily attendance is still required. Students must attend new lesson meetings remotely during regular class hours, watch recordings as assigned, and complete required assignments during regular school hours. ACCESS Ed students will be held to the same state and district testing requirements.

Time Requirements:
Please be reminded to follow the schedule set forth by your child’s teacher(s) on scheduled remote learning days. Remote learning days may require live or recorded sessions along with daily assignments.

At this time, we are operating under Plan B for all students. All students will engage in remote learning on Wednesdays, whether they are in Cohort A (in person on Monday and Tuesday) or Cohort B (in person on Thursday and Friday).

Once we transition to Plan A, students will return to school four days a week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will still designate Wednesdays as remote learning days. We have uploaded calendars for the second nine week grading period on the alert banner of the ACS and school websites for your review. The links are included below for your review as well:
Second Nine Weeks Calendar Links

COVID-19 Informational Resources

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