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ACS is continuing to work with public health officials to monitor the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. At this time, all public schools are closed to students by Executive Order from Governor Roy Cooper until May 15. Below is a link to our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources webpage. We will update this information everyday by 7 p.m. 
ACS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hotline: (336) 542-1007.   

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Updates and Resources

Updated Monday, April 6

Good afternoon, families. 

Today, April 6, is the first day of fourth week without students in our buildings. As we have said so many times before, these are truly unprecedented times. We miss our students. We miss our families. We pray that you are staying healthy and continuing to heed the guidance of state and local leaders. As we begin this fourth week, we are implementing a few changes that will affect our families. Please listen as I outline our new procedures for mobile meal deliveries, communication updates, Spring Break, and for information about report card release.

Beginning this week, we will only deliver meals via our normal bus routes tomorrow (Tuesday, April 7) and Thursday. Since we will only be delivering two days this week, we will be supplying multiple meals at each drop off. For example, we may provide four to five meals each day so that children have ample food even on the days we are not delivering. We will continue to provide meals at our school offices everyday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. If for some reason you are unable to get meals, please call the ACS Coronavirus Hotline at (336) 542-1007, leave a message, and someone will be in touch about delivering meals directly to your home. 

This week, we will release report cards for all grades. Report cards for students in grade kindergarten through second grade will be mailed April 9th. Parents of students in grades three through 12 will be able to view report cards in the parent portal by April 9th. If you are unable to access your child's report card in the parent portal, please contact your school for directions or to request access.

We greatly appreciate the feedback we received from our families regarding remote learning. We had over 400 responses with approximately 95 percent being positive. We also learned from this feedback, that many families appreciate our daily communications, but at this point, they may not be as necessary as they were at the beginning of this situation. As such, we are scaling back district communications. This means we will continue to update our website and social media daily, but you will only receive district phone calls every other day, unless there is an absolute need to contact you. This week, we will hear from me one additional time on Wednesday. Since Friday is a holiday, we will be calling families.

Next week is our district’s already-planned Spring Break. As such, we will not be delivering or providing meals at this time. We will also cease district communications, unless - of course - there is a need to communicate pertinent information. 

As we have said many times before, we are all in this together. At our schools and in our district office, we are continuing to work in preparation for the return of students on Monday, May 18. We encourage you to call us at the Central Office or via the ACS Coronavirus Hotline if you need assistance during these challenging times. We appreciate your family and your continued support. 

Thank you,

Aaron Woody, Ed.D.

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