Calendars and Board Policies Under Review

Board Policies under 30-day review for approval in February 2019

Policy 4370 - Student Discipline Hearing Procedures
Policy 4400 - Attendance
Policy 6125 - Administering Medicines to Students
Policy 6140 - Student Wellness
Policy 6305 - Safety and Student Transportation Services
Policy 7405 - Extracurricular and Non-Instructional Duties

Please contact
Dr. Drew Maerz for copies of these policies with the proposed changes.

Board Policies reviewed by the School Board Policy Committee in January 2019

Current versions of all policies are available at Asheboro City Schools Board Policies

Policy 6560 - Disposal of Surplus Property
Policy 7130 - Licensure
Policy 7300 - Staff Responsibilities
Policy 7730 - Employee Conflict of Interest
Policy 7920 - Reduction in Force: Teachers and School Administrators
Policy 9110 - Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Construction Managers at Risk
Policy 9115 - Prequalification of Bidders for Construction Projects
Policy 9120 - Bidding for Construction Work
Policy 9125 - Participation by Minority Businesses

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