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ACS Welcomes 22 New Teachers
New Teachers
This year, we are excited to welcome 22 new teachers to our classrooms. Under the leadership of Ms. Chandra Manning, Beginning Teacher Coordinator, these teachers will be provided professional development and extra support specific for beginning teachers for the next three years. Please join us in welcoming: Ms. Arlena Murphy (DLL); Ms. Kayla Smitherman (LPES); Ms. Vaneza Fadonoughbo (AHS); Ms. Dena Howard (ECDC); Ms. Brianna King (SAMS); Ms. Donna Switzer (LPES); Ms. Karsyn Small (LPES); Ms. Geri Bressler (AHS); Ms. Marie Barnard (GBT); Mr. Clayton Strider (AHS); Ms. Lauren Barker (AHS); Maj. John Howie (AHS); Ms. Creath Brown (CWM); Ms. Staci Causey (ECDC); Ms. Maria Angelica Orozco Rivadeneira (LPES); Ms. Faith Latham (DLL); Ms. Ann Pryzbylowski (LPES); Ms. Sandra Mendoza (BAL); Mr. Jason Daniel Salgado Torres (BAL); Ms. Kristina Sheehy (BAL); Ms. Krystal Parson (GBT); Ms. Brittany Jones (SAMS); Ms. Marianne Long (SAMS); and Ms. Kimberly "Brooke" Griffith (NAMS).