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Board of Education Approves 2022-2026 Strategic Plan
SP Goals

Even in the midst of navigating the ever-changing information about COVID-19, the Asheboro City Board of Education and the district's leadership team remained focused on continuous improvement and enhancing the educational opportunities afforded all students. In a time when many school districts were conflicted about masks and school closures, Asheboro City Schools was thinking about the future. 


The future of kids. 


The future of education.


The future of our community. 


And because students are at the center of all decisions in ACS, the Asheboro City Board of Education approved the district's 2022-2026 Strategic Plan which focuses on equitable access to engaging learning with the goal of transforming life outcomes for students and preparing them to be collaborative, competitive, and successful in a our global world.


GOAL 1: Focusing Direction. Asheboro City Schools will create a process of continuous improvement with clear, focused direction.


GOAL 2: Cultivating Collaborative Cultures. Asheboro City Schools will cultivate the expertise of stakeholders to be focused on a collective purpose.


GOAL 3: Deepening Learning. Asheboro City Schools will improve the learning-teaching process by establishing clear learning goals, building precise professional expectations, and strengthening resources and academic programming.


The full plan may be accessed here.